Activating the RICOH Auto Color Adjuster

  1. If the RICOH Auto Color Adjuster menu screen is not displayed, start the application using the RICOH icon (RICOH icon) on the desktop.
  2. Click the Machine Settings button (Machine Settings button).Settings button in the RICOH Auto Color Adjuster main dialog
  3. Click License ManagementConnect.Click [License Management] > [Connect]
  4. Enter a name in System name.Entering a System Name
  5. If you need to specify the proxy settings to connect to the Internet, configure Proxy settings.Configuring the [Proxy settings]
    1. Select the I am going to use a proxy server. checkbox.
    2. Enter the Proxy server IP address or hostname.
    3. Enter the Proxy server port and click TEST PROXY.
    The sign-in screen is displayed.
  7. Enter the Email and Password, and then click SIGN IN.
  8. When operating more than one machine together, specify a tenant, and click Generate one-time code.
  9. Click CopyCLOSE.
    The one-time code is copied to the clipboard.
  10. Paste the one-time code that you copied into the One Time Code input box, and then click SUBMIT.
  11. When the Success message is displayed, click CloseSAVE CHANGES.