Hiding the Fiery Command WorkStation

If the Fiery Command WorkStation is updated, the RICOH Auto Color Adjuster might not operate properly. It is recommended to hide the Fiery Software Manager icon in the notification area of the task bar to avoid unexpected updates.

To hide the Fiery Command WorkStation:

  1. In the notification area of the taskbar, click the Indicator button (Indicator button).Indicator button on the taskbar
  2. Right-click the Fiery Software Manager button.Clicking the [Fiery Software Manager] button
  3. Click Exit.Exiting the [Fiery Software Manager]
  4. Click Start Fiery Fiery Software Manager.Starting the [Fiery Software Manager]
  5. When the update screen is displayed, click the Preferences button that is enabled when you click Update.Clicking the [Preferences] button
  6. Clear the Launch at login checkbox, and then close the window.Clearing the [Launch at login] checkbox
  7. Restart Windows, and then confirm that the button is not displayed in the notification area of the taskbar.