• Some parts inside the machine might get damaged when you touch them. Do not touch the internal components of the machine when removing jammed paper. Doing so might cause the machine to malfunction.

Note the following when opening the front door to remove jammed paper.Precautions when removing jammed paper

1 When pushing on the scan unit to remove jammed paper, touch the indicated part only.
2 Be careful not to touch the indicated part or stain or damage the part.

  • Do not turn off the machine when removing paper.
  • To remove paper, hold the left and right ends of hands, and pull on the paper evenly.
  • Be careful not to rip the paper and leave small pieces of it inside the machine when removing jammed paper. If small pieces are left inside the machine, a paper jam or malfunction might occur.
  • If the paper is torn, put pieces together like a jigsaw puzzle, and make sure that you have all pieces. If one or more pieces is missing, it might be left inside the machine. Consult your service representative.
  • If the message persists even after removing the jammed paper, check that there is no other paper jammed inside the machine.