Color Chart Types

In the Quick Color Adjustment section, use a color chart that is assigned individually to each combination of the printer and paper to perform color adjustment. When generating the chart, use the PDF that is registered to the DFE during the initial setting process of the machine.

There are two kinds of charts:

Color chart for creating a profile
Use this color chart when registering a profile. Print the chart using with the print setting set to not convert the profile.
Color chart for color verification
Use this chart to determine if the result of color adjustment conforms to the standard. Specify to use the profile of each certification standard as the CMYK source (input) profile and the profile that is created in Quick Color Adjustment as the output (printer) profile, and print the chart.

The following information is included in the printed color chart:Printed Color Chart

1. Color code
The color code indicates the information of the printer and paper that is specified in the initial setting. Scan the color code on the machine to identify the combination of the printer and paper.
2. Color chart
A group of color boxes that is used to create a profile or evaluate its quality.
  • You can confirm the name of the PDF file for the color chart that is assigned to each combination of a printer and paper on which to perform color adjustment in Details of Initial Settings. For details, see RICOH Auto Color Adjuster: Installation Guide.