Setting Items on the Add Paper Screen

Add Paper

Setting Item Description
Paper Name Enter the paper name using up to 200 characters.

You cannot use \/:*?' "<>|+.

You can register up to 1,024 Paper Name items.

The registered name is displayed as an option in Paper Name on the Add/Edit Chart screen.

Calibration Set Name When the DFE you are using is Fiery, enter the calibration set name using up to 70 characters.

You cannot use \/:*?"<>|+,@[]'~;=.

Be sure to enter the correct name for the calibration set. Otherwise, auto registration of profiles in Quick Color Adjustment will fail.

Use the following calibration set preset in the DFE. If an offline spectrophotometer is available, you can create and use a calibration set as desired.

  • Plain
  • Coated-Glossy
  • Coated-Matte

When registering a different combination of paper for a printer, you can register the combination to the same calibration set, or register them under a different calibration set name.

Paper Type Select the paper type to be used.
  • Gloss Coated: Select this to use coated paper or art paper.
  • Matt Coated: Select this to use matte paper.
  • Plain: Select this to use fine paper.