Turning Off the Machine

Use this procedure to turn off the machine.

  • Do not turn off the power of the machine immediately after turning it on. Before turning off the machine, wait for the indicator to remain lit for 10 seconds or more.

To turn off the machine:

  1. Turn off the power of the computer that is connected to the machine.
  2. Close the source tray.
    1. Fold the extension tray (1), and set it back to its original position (2).Closing the source tray
    2. Close the source tray by lifting it until it is locked in place (3).
  3. Remove the output tray from its fixed base.
    1. Push the output tray upward (1).Pulling out the output tray
    2. Pull out the output tray (2).
  4. Turn off the power switch on the left side of the machine.Turning off the power switch
    The indicator turns off.