Using Two or More Machines

You can install machines at two or more sites and share the settings between them.

  • The procedures for setting up the applications and connecting to computers in a configuration with multiple machines are the same as the procedures for a standalone configuration.
  • In a configuration with multiple machines, set up one of the computers connected to the machine as the server and the others as clients. In the server, the values such as the one when Quick Color Adjustment is used on a client computer are saved.
  • You can access the server from a client computer or the administrator computer and manage all printers. The following is a configuration example with two machines.
Example of configuration with two scanners
  1. Client computer connected to the machine via USB
  2. Server connected to the machine via USB
  3. Administrator computer

  • Be sure to set up the IP addresses of the server correctly. For details about the setting, see Machine Settings.