Screen Configuration of the Colorimetry Screen

Click Colorimetry on your computer to display the Colorimetry screen. On the screen, you can register, manage, or scan the chart for colorimetry.

List of charts for colorimetry

1. Add
Register a chart for colorimetry.
2. Delete
Deletes the selected chart for colorimetry.
3. Scan
Displays the Measurement and Saving Settings screen. In the screen, specify the measurement conditions, save location of the measurement result, and other settings, and click OK to scan the chart for colorimetry on the machine.Measurement and Saving Settings dialog
  • In the File Name field, enter the name under which to save the measurement result.
    • You cannot specify the name when more than one chart for colorimetry is specified.
    • Names of (chart name)+(mmdd) are assigned to the files automatically.
  • Click Browse..., and specify the destination folder to save the files.
  • Select the Lighting Condition from M0(A), M1(D50), and M2(A+UV cut).
  • In the Color Space for Measurement field, select the color space for measurement from Lab, LCh, XYZ, Spectroscopy, Density (Status T), and Density (Status E).
  • In the Saving File Format field, select the file format in which to save the measurement result from IT8 (*.it8) and CGATS.txt (*.txt).
4. Preview ([Information] button)
Displays the preview of the selected chart.
5. List of Charts for Colorimetry
Displays the list of charts for colorimetry.