Performing Color Adjustment

Adjust the colors printed on the printer by scanning a color chart on the machine and registering the created profile to a DFE.

To perform color adjustment:

  1. On the operation screen of the Fiery Command WorkStation or the TotalFlow Print Server, print the PDF file of the color chart for creating a profile.
    • Do not specify duplex print.
    • Print 10 copies of the chart to obtain a stable color output. Use the copy of the profiling chart that is printed last.
    1. Select the printer on which to perform color adjustment.
    2. Print the document data using the required print settings. For information about print settings, see Using Fiery to Print the Color Chart PDF File for Color Adjustment or Using the TotalFlow Print Server to Print the Color Chart PDF File for Color Adjustment.
    3. When using Fiery, register the print job in the job archive to omit importing the chart.
    4. When using the TotalFlow Print Server, keep the job as a saved job to omit importing the chart.
  2. Take the last copy of the profiling chart that you printed.
  3. Place the color chart for creating a profile on the machine, with the print side facing up.Placing the color chart on the machine tray
  4. On the computer taskbar, click the RICOH icon ([RICOH] icon).
    • Do not close the Productionserver screen.
  5. Click Quick Color Adjustment.RICOH Auto Color Adjuster screen
  6. In the Quick Color Adjuster dialog, click Scan.
  7. In the Scan Chart dialog, click Start Scan.Clicking the [Start Scan] button
    The machine starts scanning the chart for creating a profile and generates a profile automatically.
    • Do not operate the computer while the message Command WorkStation (TM) or TotalFlow is running.Do not touch the mouse or keyboard. is displayed on the screen.
  8. Check that the Pre-judgement, Create Profile, and Register Profile to DFE checkboxes are selected.The [Pre-judgement], [Create Profile], and [Register Profile to DFE] checkboxes are selected.
  9. If a message indicating that evaluation failed in step 8 is displayed, repeat the procedure starting with step 1.
    • Be sure to print the correct chart, and load the chart correctly on the machine.
  10. If a message regarding the error criteria is displayed in step 8, adjust the printer as instructed. For details, see RICOH Auto Color Adjuster: User Guide.
  11. Click Exit.
  12. When you are using a DFE that does not support automatic registration of profiles, register the stored profile manually to the DFE.