The Initial Settings Page Is Not Displayed

Status Cause Resolution
When entering the IP address and port number in the web browser, the 404 error is displayed and the Initial Settings page is not displayed, or nothing is displayed on the screen, and you cannot perform any operation. The entered IP address and port number are not correct. Enter the correct IP address and port number. Enter ":" after the IP address, and then enter the port number.

You can check the IP address and port number in the Auto Color Adjuster Server Settings that is displayed when you select the Settings button (Settings button) in the application dialog. When using a client computer, ask the administrator for the correct IP address and port number.

Old cache remains in the web browser. On the Management Console page, press the F5 key while pressing the Shift key. The web browser cache is cleared and the page is reloaded.
In a configuration with multiple machines, the server cannot be accessed from the client computer.
  • Make sure that the computer and the server are both connected to the network.
  • Restart Windows on the computer and the server.

If the error remains displayed, contact your service representative.