Placing an Original or Color Chart on the Paper Tray

This procedure describes how to handle the original or the charts when placing them on the paper tray.

  • Do not place an original in the tray if some sheets are left in the tray. Doing so might cause double feeding to occur.
  • Faint streaks or linear imprints might appear on paper if the original or color chart is printed on coated paper or media that gets easily scratched.
  • When loading multiple sheets of paper together, fan the sheets thoroughly, bend and then align the edges slowly several times while holding both edges. If misfeed occurs, place one sheet at a time.
Fanning the sheets Bending the stack

To place an original or color chart on the paper tray:

  1. Open the paper tray.Opening the paper tray
  2. If you use an original that extends beyond the end of the paper tray, pull out the tray extension.Pulling out the extension tray
    • An original with a page length higher than the length of A4 paper in portrait orientation extends beyond the end of the tray.
  3. Gently load the paper with the side that you want to scan facing up in the paper tray.Placing paper on the paper tray
    • Place originals or charts in the tray so that they do not exceed the upper limit indicator (Upper limit indicator). If you place an original or chart that exceeds the upper limit indicator, it might be scanned at an angle or cause a paper jam.
  4. Adjust the paper guides to match the paper width.Adjusting the paper guides to match the paper size