Profile Registration

A profile is created automatically on the computer when you scan a color chart for creating a profile on the machine. To use the created profile, register it to a DFE (*1).

Creating a profile and registering it to the DFE

The procedure for registering a profile to a DFE varies depending on the setting in DFE Type in Initial Settings.

  • When the DFE name is specified in DFE Type:

    The profile is registered automatically. No user operation is required. Also note that an output profile is associated with a calibration set on Fiery. To register a profile automatically on Fiery, specify the calibration set to which to associate the profile in advance. Enter the correct name in Calibration Set Name in the Add/Edit Paper dialog of Initial Settings to register the profile automatically while associating it to the calibration set.

    • Do not update the Fiery Command WorkStation application installed on the computer connected to the machine. The profile might not be registered automatically if the operating environment changes as a result of the update.

  • When the DFE that you are using is not available in DFE Type, and Other is specified:

    Register a profile that is stored on the computer to the DFE manually. For details about the operation, see the manual of the DFE.

    Profiles are stored in the folder that you specify in Save Profile. To display this dialog, select Miscellaneous in Initial Settings.

For details about Initial Settings, see RICOH Auto Color Adjuster: Installation Guide.