Types of Charts for Colorimetry

In the Colorimetry section, use the charts with various paper sizes and various color boxes to measure the colors generated by the printer.

On the list of charts for colorimetry, IT8.7-3, IT8.7-4/ IT8.7-4 Random, IT8.7-5/ TC1617, ECI2002/ ECI 2002 Random, Idealliance Control Strip 2009, Idealliance Control Wedge 2014, and other charts for colorimetry are registered. Use one of the charts on the list when measuring the target color in the standard with which you want to comply.

When using a color chart with a customized color scheme, create the color chart information file, a text file that specifies the paper size and color boxes on the chart, and register it on the list.

The following information is included in the printed chart.Description of the chart

1. Color code
Shows the chart number of the chart for colorimetry. The machine identifies the chart number when you scan a test chart on the machine.
2. Color chart
Group of color boxes used for colorimetry.