Collecting Logs Automatically

This section describes the procedure to perform when you are requested to collect a log automatically, upon consulting your service representative, or other occasions.

  • The log does not contain any data or personal information that can be used to identify a specific individual.

To collect logs automatically:

  1. If the RICOH Auto Color Adjuster screen is not already displayed, click the RICOH icon (RICOH icon) on the desktop, to start it.
  2. Click the Machine Settings button (Machine Settings button).Clicking the Machine Settings button
  3. Click Backup/Restore/Log.Clicking the [Backup/Restore/Log] button
  4. In the Log Collection section, click Start Collection.
  5. Specify the file name and save location, and save the log.
    The log is saved as a file in ZIP format.
  6. Click OK Go Back to Initial Screen.