Setting Items on the Add/Edit Printer Screen

Add/Edit Printer

Setting Item Description
Printer Name Register the name of the printer using up to 48 characters.

You cannot use \/:*?' "<>|+.

Location Select the name of the location to register the chart.

Register the location in Manage Location.

Machine Name Select the device to use for color measurement.

You can register Machine Name in Machine Settings.

DFE Type Select the DFE in use. If none of the options matches the DFE in use, select Other.

When you select Other, the subsequent items are not displayed.

When you select the TotalFlow Print Server, DFE Server Name is not displayed.

DFE IP Address Enter the IP address of the DFE.
Printer Manufacturer Specify whether the manufacturer of the printer is RICOH.
DFE Server Name Enter the server name of the Fiery controller using 2–15 characters.

You cannot use \/:*?"<>|+,@[]'~;=.

Enter the correct server name. The automatic registration of profiles in Quick Color Adjustment fails if even one character is entered incorrectly.

DFE Password Enter the password of the DFE in use using up to 64 characters.

You cannot use \/:*?"<>|+,@[]'~;=.