Setup Flow

This section describes the setup flow after installing the machine.

  • After you install the Fiery Command WorkStation and the ColorGATE Productionserver, connect the machine and the computer using the two provided USB cables. Otherwise, the device driver is not recognized properly.
  • In a configuration with multiple machines, first configure the Machine Settings, Scan Settings, and Initial Settings for the server, and then for the client computer. You can also configure the Initial Settings for all the machines together from the server.

  1. Install the RICOH Auto Color Adjuster. For more information, see Setting Up the RICOH Auto Color Adjuster .
  2. Install the Fiery Command WorkStation. For more information, see Obtaining the Fiery Command WorkStation .
    • The Fiery Command WorkStation is required only if you are using a Fiery DFE. If you are using the TotalFlow Print Server or another DFE, you do not need to install the Fiery Command WorkStation.
  3. Set up the ColorGATE Productionserver.
    1. Open the ColorGATE Support ( website using a web browser and install the ColorGATE Productionserver.
    2. Activate the ColorGATE Productionserver.
    3. Configure the ColorGATE Productionserver. For more information, see Configuring the REST Server of the ColorGATE Productionserver .
    • For information about installing and activating the ColorGATE Productionserver, refer to the ColorGATE user documentation.
    • Do not update the ColorGATE Productionserver, as the RICOH Auto Color Adjuster might not operate properly.
    • You can install the ColorGATE Productionserver before the Fiery Command WorkStation.
  4. Install the GPL Ghostscript. For more information, see Installing the GPL Ghostscript .
  5. Connect the machine and the computer using two USB cables.
  6. Configure the Machine Settings and the Scan Settings. For more information, see Displaying the Machine Settings Screen.
  7. Configure the Initial Settings. For more information, see Displaying the Initial Settings Screen.
    1. To configure the location settings, select Manage Location.
    2. To configure the printer settings, select Manage Printer.
    3. To configure the paper settings, select Manage Paper.
    4. To add a color chart, select Add Chart.
    5. To change the judgement criteria of the Quick Color Adjustment, select Set Threshold.
    6. To change the location where to save profiles, select Miscellaneous.