Specifies technical details and characteristics of the machine.

Item Specification
Spectral output Wavelength between 400-700 nm at 10 nm pitch, spectral reflectance output of 31 points
Lighting conditions M0 (A), M1 (D50), M2 (A+UV cut) conforming to ISO13655
Measurement backing White backing conforming to ISO13655
Warm-up time (20°C, rated voltage) Less than 300 seconds
Scan speed1 First sheet: 40 seconds, second and subsequent sheets: 35 seconds (A3)
Power source Region A(mainly Europe)

220-240 V, 1 A, 50/60 Hz

Region B (mainly North America)

120-127 V, 1.2 A, 60 Hz

Power consumption (max.) 150 W or less
Dimension (width x length x height) 374 × 727 × 1,098 mm (14.8 × 28.7 × 43.3 inches)
Area occupied by the machine (width x length) 1,102 × 727 mm (paper tray and extension tray opened, and output tray attached)
Mass 86 kg (190 lbs.) including the items provided with the machine
Interfaces USB 3.0 (for transferring the measured color image data)

USB 2.0/2.1 (for controlling the machine)

Recommended temperature and humidity range Optimum temperature and humidity: 23°C (73.4°F) at 50%
  • Temperature: 10-32°C (50-89.6°F)
  • Humidity: 15-80%
Noise emission (Sound power level) Standby: 58 dB (A)

Scanning: 65.4 dB (A)

Noise emission (Sound pressure level) Standby: 43.5 dB (A)

Scanning: 54.2 dB (A)

Noise emission Sound power levels and sound pressure levels are actual values measured in accordance with ISO 7779.

Sound pressure levels are measured from the position of the bystander.

1The scan speed might become slower depending on the specifications or usage status of the computer that is connected to the machine.