Using the TotalFlow Print Server to Print the Color Chart PDF File for Color Adjustment

To obtain a stable color output, print 10 copies of the chart. Use the copy of the profiling chart that is printed the last.

To use the TotalFlow Print Server to print the color chart PDF file for color adjustment:

  1. Set the paper specified in Paper Name on the Add/Edit Chart screen of Initial Settings onto the paper tray.
  2. In the Paper section, click Paper catalog to select a paper from the paper catalog. To specify the paper Type, Size, and Weight manually, click Manual paper.
  3. In the Color section, set the CMYK input profile to Pass through.Setting the [CMYK input profile] to [Pass through]
  4. Set the Reference profile to None.Setting [Reference profile] to [None]
  5. Set Black (text/line art) to Normal.Setting [Black (text/line art)] to [Normal] and [Black/Gray reproduction] to [Off]
  6. Set Black/Gray reproduction to Off when the PDF job processor (RIP) is SCREEN APPE, Kodak APPE, or CPSI.
  7. Set Preserve Pure Black to Off when the PDF job processor (RIP) is Heidelberg APPE.Setting [Preserve pure black] to [Off]
  8. In the Print Quality section, set the CMYK overprint sequence to After color conversion when the PDF job processor (RIP) is SCREEN APPE or Kodak APPE.Setting the [CMYK overprint sequence] to [After color conversion]