The system is not receiving information from Avanti Slingshot

When RICOH ProcessDirector is not receiving information or data from Avanti Slingshot, check your system setup, firewall settings, or job settings.
To check your Avanti Slingshot settings:
  • For a typical implementation of Slingshot, you do these steps to exchange information with RICOH ProcessDirector. Your implementation of Slingshot can have steps that differ from these steps.
  1. Verify that the Avanti URL is correct. If it is not correct, RICOH ProcessDirector cannot communicate to Avanti Slingshot.
    1. Log in to RICOH ProcessDirector.
    2. Navigate to AdministrationSettingsAvanti Slingshot.
    3. Note the Avanti URL.
    4. Log in to Avanti Slingshot.
    5. Navigate to System SetupGeneral and double-click JDF type.
    6. Select the Connection Options tab.
    7. Verify that the Avanti URL in RICOH ProcessDirector and the JMF Return HTTP URL in Avanti Slingshot are the same. If they are not, update the Avanti URL to match the JMF Return HTTP URL.
      • If you change the Avanti Slingshot client password, you must update the JMF Return HTTP URL with the new password and copy the JMF Return HTTP URL into the Avanti URL field in RICOH ProcessDirector. For example, if you updated your password to MyPassword, and your current URL is http://AvantiServer:8081/servoy-service/rest_ws/avanti_jdf/jmf_inbound_processing/params?Username=UserName&Password=password, change Password=password at the end of the URL to Password=MyPassword.
  2. Make sure any firewalls that are in use on your network permit communication between RICOH ProcessDirector and Avanti Slingshot.
  3. Make sure that the JDF Type has been correctly configured. If the following settings are not correct, problems can occur when Avanti Slingshot tries to send the required information to RICOH ProcessDirector:
    • The JDF Type must have Use Combined JDF Format selected.
    • All the JMF Messages options should be selected.
    • If Slingshot sends PDF files with sales orders, one or more PDF files must be attached to the JDF Type.

      If Slingshot puts a link to PDF files in the JDF job ticket, make sure that the link is correct. Make sure that the files are in the specified directory and that the RICOH ProcessDirector system user has authority to read them. The default system user is aiw1.

    • Make sure that each Line Item in a Slingshot sales order has a matching hot folder input device in RICOH ProcessDirector. Make sure that the Batching method property for the hot folder is set to JDF. Make sure that the input device is enabled and connected.