Font not found error

If you see a Font not found error in the job log when you try to print, check the IPDS Resolution setting at the printer console and the Font fidelity property of the RICOH ProcessDirector printer.
  • On a Windows system, if you store data or resources on a mapped network drive, contact Software support for help configuring your system to find and use them. Check the C:\aiw\aiw1\trace\mountDrives.log file for messages from mountDrives.bat. For information about mapping network drives on a Windows computer, see the RICOH ProcessDirector information center.

Font not found errors can occur at print time even when a job has printed to another printer successfully. If a RICOH ProcessDirector job references one font resolution, but the printer is set to another font resolution and the Font fidelity printer property in RICOH ProcessDirector is set to Stop printing, you get an error printed in the job and in the job log.

To fix this error:

  • Change the IPDS Resolution setting to Automatic at the console of the printer where the error is occurring.
  • Change the Font fidelity property of the RICOH ProcessDirector printer to Continue printing.

The IPDS Resolution setting now automatically detects the font resolution of the RICOH ProcessDirector job. If fonts in this resolution cannot be found, the printer substitutes available fonts.