Moving a job to a different processing step

Sometimes, you want to interrupt the flow of a job through the system and move it to a different processing step.
If a job is in an error state and must be reprocessed to resolve the error, or if it was assigned to the wrong workflow, you can reprocess the job from an earlier step.

To move a job to a different processing step:

  1. In the Jobs table, right-click the job or jobs that you want to reprocess and select Process Again.
    • To restart processing of one or more jobs at a step in the current workflow:
      1. Select Current workflow.
      2. From the list of phases and steps, select the phase and step to send the job back to.
      • Some steps are not shown in the list because a job cannot be restarted at that point.
      • If a parent job has child jobs in the system and you try to restart it at or before the last step that created those child jobs, reprocessing fails. If you want to restart at an earlier step, delete the child jobs.
      • The Current workflow option is not available in these situations:

        • The workflow was edited while the job was being processed.
        • The job was sent to a step with a restart type of Delete.
        • The jobs are not in the same workflow.
        You must select a workflow from the list.

    • To restart processing of multiple jobs at the first step of their current workflows, select Current workflow.
    • To process one or more jobs using a different workflow:
      1. Click Different workflow.
        • You cannot reprocess a parent job using a different workflow when it has any child jobs in the system. If you want to use a different workflow, delete the child jobs.
      2. In the Workflow property, select the workflow that you want to use.
        • The name of the job can change when the new workflow is applied.
  2. Click OK.
If the job has already been printed (in whole or in part), RICOH ProcessDirector increments the Reprint count property when you process the job again. If none of the pages had printed before you selected the Process Again action, the Reprint count property remains blank.