Jobs portlet

The Jobs portlet contains the Jobs table.

You can see detailed information about specific jobs in the RICOH ProcessDirector system and act on jobs using the Jobs table.

Only jobs that are associated with locations in the Locations to show property on your user property notebook appear in the Jobs table.

You can apply a filter using the System Summary portlet, by typing any string in the filter field Funnel icon, or by setting an Advanced filter.

  • System Summary portlet
    • To apply a filter, click text or numbers inside the portlet.
    • To remove a filter, click All.
  • Filter field
    • To apply a filter, enter some text. When you stop typing, the filter is applied.
    • To remove the filter, click the X at the right of the field.
  • Advanced filter
    • To apply a filter, specify the conditions that you want to use to filter the table and click Apply filter.
    • To enable or disable the filter, click the Advanced filter switch. Disabling the Advanced filter clears all of the conditions and refreshes the Jobs table.
    • To minimize or maximize the Advanced filter area, click the arrow to the left of the Advanced filter.
    • To show or hide the Advanced filter, click the Gear menu button and select Show Advanced Filter.

To export entries in the Jobs table into a single Comma-Separated Value (CSV) file, click the Gear menu button at the top of the portlet and select Export table to CSV.

The exported list only contains entries for jobs that match all the filters that are currently set. For example, if you select the Print link in the System Summary portlet, the list in the CSV file contains only the entries for jobs in the Print phase. The entries are sorted by job number. This function is useful if you want to track the set of jobs at the start of each shift or day.

To display a footer row that shows the totals of many numeric job properties, select some jobs and click the Gear menu button and select Show Totals Footer. The values of the properties you selected to show are summed for the selected jobs and the totals are displayed in the footer. To change what properties are displayed in the footer, right-click in the footer and select Choose Footer Properties. Make sure the properties you select are also included as columns in the Jobs table. To remove the footer, right-click in the footer and select Hide Totals Footer.

The Jobs table

You can do actions on jobs in the table by right-clicking a job or by selecting it and clicking one of the buttons at the top of the table:

  • To select a job, click the check box in the first column of the table or click anywhere in the row.
  • To clear the selection, click the check box or the row again.
  • To select multiple jobs, click the check box next to the jobs you want to select.
  • To select a range of jobs, click the check box next to a job, then hold Shift and click the check box next to the last job you want in the range.
  • To select all the jobs on the current page of the table, click the check box at the top of the column.
  • To sort the jobs according to one of the columns in the table, click the column heading. One click sorts the column into ascending order, two clicks sorts the column in descending order.

  • You can click the job number to see the properties notebook for a job.