Property Value
Workflow ParentNoPrint
Child workflow Transform
Submit step SubmitInputFiles
Workflow initialization step Not set
Child workflow initialization step Not set
Folder location /aiw/aiw1/System/hf/Transform (AIX and Linux) or C:\aiw\aiw1\System\hf\Transform (Windows)
Host code page Not set
Polling interval 30 seconds
Staging location /aiw/aiw1/System/hf/Transform/Staged (AIX and Linux) or C:\aiw\aiw1\System\hf\Transform\Staged (Windows)
Batching method None
Input device location Not set
Maximum errors 5
Data patterns .*ps$,.*PS$,.*pcl$,.*PCL$,.*pdf$,.*PDF$,.*tiff$,.*TIFF$,.*tif$,.*TIF$,.*jpeg$,.*JPEG$,.*jpg$,.*JPG$,.*gif$,.*GIF$,.*sap$,.*SAP$,.*abap$,.*ABAP$,.*sapgof$,.*SAPGOF$,.*gof$,.*GOF$,.*otf$,.*OTF$
JDF patterns Not set
List patterns .*lst$
Overrides patterns .*oth$
Trigger patterns .*\.trg$
Completion method Size
Parent workflow parsing rules Not set
Child workflow parsing rules Not set
Parent workflow pattern Not set
Child workflow pattern Not set
Convert overrides No