A step that is based on this step template calculates the number of pages and sheets for the job, and locates the beginning of each page in a job for use with the viewer component.

Job property defaults

  • Duplex: Not set

Usage Notes

  • To reprint pages in a job, the workflow must include both the CountPages and CreatePageRanges steps. CountPages must run before CreatePageRanges and before PrintJobs. If you have the AFP Support feature installed, you can replace the CountPages step with the EnableRepositioning step. In addition to calculating page counts, EnableRepositioning lets you use the Print again or Jump to functions with AFP data that contains index tags. However, EnableRepositioning requires more processing time, so using CountPages is more efficient if you do not need the additional function.
  • If a step earlier in the workflow fails to create a print file in a valid data stream format, the CountPages step issues a warning message and sends the job to the next step. The job might fail in a later step if the print file is expected.
  • CountPages calculates which pages print on what sheets and, therefore, is affected by the setting of the Duplex property value. If the value of the Duplex property for the job is changed to any value other than Not set after the CountPages step has run, the calculated Total sheets property value might not match the total number of job sheets that actually stack at the printer. The accuracy of the page information provided to the Print again function might also be affected. You can synchronize the page and sheet count information with the new value of the Duplex property by using the Process again action to rerun the CountPages step.
  • When a PDF job with a JDF job ticket specifying a mixture of duplex and simplex pages is processed by the CountPages step, the blank sides of the simplex sheets are not counted in the page count.
  • When working with large PDF files, the amount of memory must be properly assigned to RICOH ProcessDirector to function correctly. If the out of memory message is displayed, open the \aiw\aiw1\config\jvmsettings.cfg (AIX and Linux) or /aiw/aiw1/config/jvmsettings.cfg (Windows) file and increase the memory amount by changing the value specified. Save the changes and restart RICOH ProcessDirector.