What font resources are needed to print DBCS ASCII and EUC?

You can use the db2afp command to transform DBCS ASCII and EUC files that use these code pages:

  • 932 (Japanese PC)
  • 950 (Traditional Chinese PC)
  • 33722 or eucJP (Japanese EUC)
  • 964 or eucTW (Traditional Chinese EUC)
  • 970 or eucKR (Traditional Korean EUC)

Your InfoPrint Manager server must be able to access the appropriate DBCS fonts when you print the transformed files. DBCS fonts are available for the MVS, VM, Windows, and AIX operating systems as separately orderable licensed programs. To make the fonts available on your InfoPrint Windows system, you must make sure that you have installed the fonts on your system and then make the double-byte fonts known to InfoPrint Manager for Windows.

For more information about setting up font resources to print DBCS fonts, see Fonts for printing DBCS ASCII and EUC.