Automatic tasks during migration

This section details all sections of InfoPrint Manager that are automatically backed up during the migration process.

Custom notification and PSF exits

ISMU automatically backs up and restores any custom exits and PSF exits it founds including these two server exits:


FST security settings

ISMU automatically backs up and restores all the files within the <install_path>\var\pddir\acl directory.

PSF Direct configuration

ISMU copies all the <install_path>\var\psf\psfdirect\*.profile files from source to the target server.

Custom or modified halftones

ISMU backs up and restores all files from the <install_path>\psf\config\custom directory.

Transform configuration files

By default, InfoPrint Manager comes with these transforms: gif2afp, img2afp, jpeg2afp, pcl2afp, ps2afp, tiff2afp and xml2afp. There are two other transforms that are installed separately: afp2pdf and sap2afp. The configuration files for all the transforms are located in <install_path>\InfoPrint Manager\<transform_name_directory>, and if you had modified them, then ISMU copies the modified files onto the new server.

Server Admin/Operator GUI configuration/customization

ISMU copies all the ipgui_*.cfg files from <install_path>\ipgui directory on the new server.

Custom 64xx GRID mapping tables

ISMU copies all the customized *.grd files from <install_path>\var\psf\<printer_name>.

Custom ICU tables

ISMU copies all the customized .cnv files from <install_path>\unicode\data\mappings..

By default it contains 6 cnv files:

  • icudt24b_ibm-1388-sap2afp.cnv
  • icudt24b_ibm-933-sap2afp.cnv
  • icudt24b_ibm-937-sap2afp.cnv
  • icudt24b_ibm-939-sap2afp.cnv
  • icudt24b_ibm-1399-sap2afp.cnv
  • icudt24b_IBM-943C.cnv
If these files exist, ISMU copies and restores all the files from <install_path>\usr\lpp\psf\afp2pdf\cnv.

Custom auxilliary-sheets

If the output shows more than the default sheets that come with InfoPrint Manager (64xx, accounting-log, blank, brief, full, job-ticket and none), ISMU automatically copies the customized sheets to the new server. Also, the customized user-exits from <install_path>\usr\lpp\psf\exits\psf are copied also.