Viewing and canceling jobs

After you have submitted your job, InfoPrint Select lets you access the InfoPrint server queues to view their status and hold, cancel, or release jobs. Use this procedure:
  1. From the Start menu on your Windows client, access the SettingsPrinters window.
  2. From the Printers window, right-click the printer and select View IPM Queue.
  3. From the printer_name InfoPrint Manager Jobs dialog, you can hold, cancel, or release jobs in the queue on the InfoPrint server.

The InfoPrint Manager Jobs dialog displays a list of all the jobs you have submitted to print. The most recently submitted job is at the top of the list. For each job, the list includes the job name, the date and time it was submitted, its global ID, the page count, the job originator, and the LDAP user.

The default is to list only the jobs that you have submitted. If you want all jobs listed, go to the View menu bar pull-down and select Show all users jobs.

You can also check the properties of a specific job. Click a job to select it, then select Job Properties from the Job menu bar pull-down or click the Job Properties toolbar button. Information about the selected job is shown on the six tabs on the dialog. The fields on the Job Properties dialog are not editable.