Configuring the REST Server of the ColorGATE Productionserver

Copy the files required for configuration, and then set up the REST Server of the ColorGATE Productionserver.
  • Disable the automatic updates of the ColorGATE Productionserver.
  1. Copy the following five files from the source folder to the destination folder.
    Source folder File Destination folder
    C:\RicohAutoColorAdjuster\inst\PSsetting PDF FLAT LOW-RES.cos C:\ProgramData\ColorGATE Software\Productionserver23\Settings
    Ricoh Auto Color Adjuster_v1.10.cmp C:\ProgramData\ColorGATE Software\Productionserver23\Profiles
    C:\RicohAutoColorAdjuster\inst\PSsetting\ccx Ricoh Auto Color Adjuster.ccx C:\ProgramData\ColorGATE Software\Productionserver23\Profiles\Linearisation
    Ricoh Auto Color Adjuster.ccx.t03
    RICOH Auto Color Adjuster.inf
    • If the ProgramData destination folder is not displayed, select View in File Explorer, and then select Show Hidden Items.
  2. Double-click the Productionserver23 icon on the desktop.
  3. Select Print Open....Selecting [Print] > [Open]
  4. In the C:\ProgramData\ColorGATE Software\Productionserver23\Settings folder, select PDF FLAT LOW-RES.cos.
  5. Select Options MIM Administration....
    The MIM Administration dialog is displayed.
  6. Select Import MIM Files, and then select Next.
  7. Select Browse..., and then select Ricoh Auto Color Adjuster_v1.10.cmp in the C:\ProgramData\ColorGATE Software\Productionserver23\Profiles folder.
  8. Select Next.
  9. In the Choose MIM-Definitions dialog, select Next without changing the settings.
  10. In the MIM-Loading Options dialog, select Next without changing the settings.
  11. Select Finish.
  12. Select Options Access Control Security Options.
  13. If a message indicates that the Access Control Module database cannot be found, select OK and then select the C:\ProgramData\ColorGATE Software\Productionserver23\ACDB folder.
  14. In the dialog for setting the password, enter ABC.
  15. Enter a login name and a password, and then select OK.
    • The default user name and password are as follows:
      • User Name: Admin
      • Password: ABC
    • When changing the password, use from 8 through 64 single-byte alphanumeric characters.
    • If you change the user name or the password, enter the new ColorGATE Productionserver user name (login name) and password in the ProductionServer Settings section of the RICOH Auto Color Adjuster settings.
  16. In the Security Options dialog, enable the access control.
  17. Select the Groups tab.
  18. Select REST API (edit) and REST API (view), and then select OK.Selecting the [REST API (edit)] and the [REST API (view)] checkboxes
  19. To display the REST Server dialog, select Options REST Server....
    • If the confirmation dialog for the exception settings is displayed, select OK.
    The REST Server dialog is displayed.
  20. Select Start server automatically at startup and Refresh log list automatically.
  21. Select Options Program Settings System tab.
  22. Clear the Check for updates automatically checkbox, and then select OK.
  23. Close the dialog.
    • The ColorGATE Productionserver employs a self-signed certificate to protect transmitted information against malicious third parties. For greater security, it is recommended to use certificates authenticated by a Certificate Authority. When replacing the certificates, place the official certificate in the following folders. Also, configure those folders so that only users with administrator privileges can modify them.

      Folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\ColorGATE Software\Productionserver23\SSL