Setting Up the ColorGATE Productionserver

To set up the ColorGATE Productionserver, access the ColorGATE support website. Prepare the information about the user and the license number beforehand.
  1. In a web browser, open the ColorGATE Support ( website.
  2. Register the user.
  3. Register the product.
    • For Printer, select PDF FLAT LOW-RES.
    • For the license usage mode, select Offline mode.
  4. Download the ColorGATE Productionserver installer.
  5. Install the ColorGATE Productionserver on the computer that you are using for creating Quick Color Adjustment profiles.
    • In the License Type Selection dialog, select Single Host License / Software (SHL-SW).
  6. Activate the ColorGATE Productionserver.
  7. Configure the REST server of the ColorGATE Productionserver. For more information, see Configuring the REST Server of the ColorGATE Productionserver .