When Performing Color Adjustment and Color Verification

Before performing a high-volume printing run, or after performing maintenance or image quality adjustment on the printer, perform Color Adjustment or Color Verification as follows.

  • When Color Adjustment is not performed: Perform Color Adjustment.
  • When Color Adjustment is performed already (when a profile is created and registered): Perform Color Verification. However, perform Color Adjustment, and then perform Color Verification again, when the result of Color Verification is determined to be NG.

During color verification, the average/maximum delta E values in color deviation are evaluated using the standard and tolerance values of the colors that are specified in the selected print standard. Note that the color chart used in the evaluation is modified for use on the machine and does not guarantee conformance with various certification standards.

  Color Chart Evaluated Item Print Standard Tolerance
JA JC Digital 2011 Coated, Wedge Average and Max ΔE00 Japan Color 2011 Coated Digital print certification
US ISO12647-8 Coated V3 F51 Average and Max ΔE00 GRACoL2013 CRPC6 GRACoL Digital Press Cert
EU Verify GRACoL2013, Wedge Average and Max ΔEab Fogra51 ISO 12647-8
EU ISO12647-8:2021 Coated V3 F51 Average ΔE2000 (without boundary patches)

95 % ΔE2000 (without boundary patches)

CMY gray average ΔCh

CMY gray maximum ΔCh

Paper white ΔE2000

Fogra51 ISO 12647-8
US Simple Gray Scale, Wedge 2013 K gray average w ΔL

K gray maximum w ΔL

CMY gray average w ΔL

CMY gray maximum w ΔL

CMY gray average w ΔCh

CMY gray maximum w ΔCh

GRACol2013 CRPC6 G7 Grayscale

The color deviation and judgment result (OK/ NG) displayed in Post-judgment might differ from those when a different colorimeter is used.