Improving the Quality of Color Reproducibility

This section describes the procedure to improve the quality of color reproducibility by performing the color matching process twice when a large deviation in color is detected even after a color matching process is performed and the profile is created.

  • The quality of reproducibility in color might not improve even after performing this procedure.

To improve the quality of color reproducibility:

  1. To save the profile, select Save on the lower-right side of the Color Sample Matching dialog.Select [Save] on the lower-right side of the Color Sample Matching dialog
    • The format of the file name assigned to a profile is Match_yyyymmddhhmm.icc. Change it as required.
  2. Print a document using the profile that you saved.
  3. In the Before Color Matching section, click Delete.
  4. Place the printed document with the printed side facing up on the machine.
  5. Specify the size of the printed original in Before Color Matching.
    • If you specified Custom Size, enter the paper length along the sub scan direction in Sub Scan.
    • A paper jam might occur if you select a paper size that differs from the paper size of the original you want to scan.
  6. Click Scan in Before Color Matching.
    Scanning starts. Wait for scanning to finish. When the scan is complete, the scanned image appears in Before Color Matching.
  7. Specify the profile that was used in step 2 in CMYK Source of Reprint After Color Matching.
    • To add a profile, click the Add button (Add button), and then specify the profile to add.
  8. Click Execute Color Matching, and check the color deviation again.