Performing Quick Color Adjustment

Use Quick Color Adjustment to perform color adjustment on a printer and evaluate the result.

Precautions Before Operation

  • It is recommended to perform image density adjustment in advance.
  • On the printer whose color you want to adjust: The density of the printed image is normal and there are no errors. Check that the paper registered in Initial Settings is loaded.
  • The machine: The red indicator is not lit.
  • The computer connected to the machine: The menu screen of RICOH Auto Color Adjuster is displayed. Also, the ColorGATE Productionserver must be started and running.

    For details, see Using the RICOH Auto Color Adjuster Application.

  • To use the Quick Color Adjustment function with a Fiery controller, set the Fiery Command WorkStation language to English or Japanese.

Preparing the PDF File

You can confirm the name of the PDF file for the color chart that is assigned to each combination of a printer and paper on which to perform color adjustment in Details of Initial Settings.Clicking [Details] in [Initial Settings]

The PDF file is stored in the C:\RicohAutoColorAdjuster\ReferenceChart\profile_A3 folder. When 101 or more color charts are registered, decompress in the qca folder in the provided USB flash memory. For details, see RICOH Auto Color Adjuster: Installation Guide.

  • When printing a color chart, use paper that matches the following settings, and specify the paper correctly in the print settings.
    • Paper of the size specified in Quick Color Adjustment on the Scan Settings screen.
    • The same paper as the paper that is specified in Paper Type on the Initial Settings screen.

    For details about the settings, see RICOH Auto Color Adjuster: Installation Guide.

  • When ISO12647-8 Coated V3 F51 is specified as the verification standard to verify colors in Verification Wedge, it is recommended to print the color chart on UPM Digi Finesse gloss (250 gsm) to determine pass or fail in Color Verification.
  • Print about 10 copies of the chart, and use the copy that is printed last.