Installing Ghostscript

This application is required to convert document data (PDF) into image data (TIFF) using Color Sample Matching of the RICOH Auto Color Adjuster. The user does not need to operate it.

  • Install it when you have the license for Color Sample Matching.

  1. To download the gs927w64.exe installer, go to the Ghostscript git repository ( .
  2. On the computer connected to the machine, run the downloaded Ghostscript installer.
    The installation wizard is displayed.
  3. Click Next.GPL Ghostscript Setup
  4. Confirm the content of the software license agreement, and then click I Agree.
  5. Leave the install destination as is, and click Install.
    The installation starts.
  6. Clear the Show Readme checkbox, and then click Finish.Completing the GPL Ghostscript Setup