Checking the Change in Color over Time

In the Management Console screen, a line graph is displayed. Specify the date and settings to display the graph, and check the color status of printers on the printer.

Default settings of the line graph:

  • Location: All
  • Printing condition: The chart specified in Initial Settings
  • Date Range: 7 days ago to today
  • Change View: Model

To check the change in color over time:

  1. Specify the period to check the changes in Date Range:, and then click Save.Specifying the [Date Range]
  2. Change the settings in Location:, Printing condition:, and Change View:.Changing the [Location], [Printing condition], [Change View] settings
    1. In the Location: field, specify the location in which the printer to check is located.
    2. In the Printing condition: field, specify the target condition (standard) against which to compare the colors.
    3. In the Change View: field, specify whether to display a graph for each printer model, or for each paper.
  3. To narrow down the printer or paper to display on the graph, clear the checkboxes of the items to hide.Clearing the checkboxes of the items to hide
  4. Check the graph. For details about reading the graph, see How to Read the Graph.
  5. To save a report file in CSV format, click Export. For details about the items saved in the report, see Report Containing Graph Data.
  6. Close the web browser.