Performing Colorimetry

To perform colorimetry:

  1. Click Colorimetry on your computer.Clicking Colorimetry
  2. Check the Chart ID of the chart to be used for colorimetry.Checking the Chart ID
  3. On the printer to be measured for the colors, print the PDF that is stored in the folder for each Chart ID under C:\RicohAutoColorAdjuster\ReferenceChart\CMS.
  4. Place the chart for colorimetry with the side to scan facing up on the machine. For details, see Placing an Original or Color Chart on the Paper Tray.Placing the chart for colorimetry on the machine
  5. Select the checkbox of the chart for colorimetry, and then click Scan.Selecting the chart and clicking [Scan]
  6. In the Measurement and Saving Settings dialog, specify the measurement conditions, save location of the measurement result, and other settings, and then click OK. For details, see Screen Configuration of the Colorimetry Screen.
  7. Click Start Scan.Clicking [Start Scan]
    The machine starts scanning the chart for colorimetry, and creates a file in the specified folder.