What Can Be Done on the Machine

This product provides an efficient solution for achieving color adjustment, color matching, colorimetry, and management of printers.

The RICOH Auto Color Adjuster comprises the following four functions:

Quick Color Adjustment
Scans a color chart and generates a profile automatically. Use this function at a regular interval to avoid the changes in the machine condition or printing environment to affect the colors on the output sheets.
Color Sample Matching
Generates a profile based on the printed color sample that you scanned using the Color Sample Matching function. Use the generated profile to reproduce the color tone of the color sample on the printed page as closely as possible.
Management Console
Performs quick certification on the color adjustment result of the printer, according to various certification standards. You can manage the records of changes in the certification result over time, for individual printers.
The machine measures the colors on a printed test chart at a regular interval. You can save the measurement results in a file and manage them using a color management or other similar application.

  • A separate contract is required to use each function except Colorimetry.