Operation Workflow of Management Console

Management Console uses the adjustment values and the color verification results of Quick Color Adjustment performed at regular intervals. To check the current status, perform a color verification of Quick Color Adjustment, and then check the result in Management Console.

For details, see Operation Workflow of Quick Color Adjustment.Operation Workflow of Management Console

1. Quick Color Adjustment
Adjust colors in Quick Color Adjustment, and evaluate the result.
2. Checking the Change over Time
Check the change in color over time in Management Console. Perform color adjustment when it exceeds the specified threshold.

Threshold Values in the Graph

Colors are evaluated whether their average and maximum deviations are within the tolerance according to the target condition (standard) that is specified in the Add/Edit Chart screen of Initial Settings, for example, Japan Color Digital 2011 Coated, Wedge, and the settings specified in the Set Threshold screen.