Original or Chart That Cannot Be Used

Do not place an original or color chart in the condition as shown below on the machine:

  • Bound by a staple or paper clip
  • Has a hole, rip, or notch
  • Has a rip or is wrinkled
  • Pasted together with another piece of paper
  • Has a piece of adhesive tape or glue on it
  • Has a protruding part such as an index tab or tag
  • Placing an original or chart in one of the conditions previously mentioned might generate a paper jam, or the machine might malfunction.

Correct the curl before placing a heavily curled original or color chart on the machine. You can scan an original or color chart that has a curl that satisfies the following condition:Curled chart that can be used

1 7.5 mm (0.3 inches) or less
2 30 mm (3.9 inches) or more
3 On the leading or trailing end of an original/chart