Using the Profile to Print a Document with Fiery

Use the profile created by the color matching process to print documents in the colors that match the colors in the color sample.

  • The operation procedure varies depending on the DFE that you are using. When using a DFE other than Fiery or the TotalFlow Print Server, see the manual of your DFE.

  1. Start the Fiery Command WorkStation.
  2. Log in to the application as the system administrator.
  3. Click Server Device Center.
  4. Click RESOURCES Profiles.
  5. Click Import, and then specify CMYK Source and Simulation.
  6. Specify the profile that has been created.
    The profile is imported to Fiery.
  7. Specify the imported profile in CMYK source: of the print setting.
  8. For other items, specify the same settings that you specified when printing the document data before performing color matching.
  9. Print the document.