How to Read the Graph

The line graph is displayed in the Management Console screen.
Line Graph in the Management Console Screen
1. Line graph

A graph line is displayed for each printer or paper. The color of the line corresponds to the color of the Printer Name: or Paper to Display: checkbox.

A solid line indicates an average color deviation, and a dotted line indicates the maximum color deviation.

2. Color deviation (ΔE2000)
The vertical axis shows the value of color deviation.
3. Printer Name
4. Plot point ●
Place the mouse cursor on a plot to display the date and time the data was obtained and the color deviation.

A plot displayed in red represents a value that is outside the threshold, and ■ indicates a value that is obtained when you perform Post-judgement for the first time after registering the ICC profile in color adjustment.

5. Threshold value (maximum)
The horizontal dotted line represents the maximum threshold value that is specified in Initial Settings.
6. Threshold value (average)
The horizontal solid line represents the average threshold value that is specified in Initial Settings.
7. Date
The horizontal axis represents the date.