Side-by-side copies 2–up, with finished page size legal

In this layout, the printer form is wider than it is long. Because you do not specify a form definition, you can use the Page placement (X and Y shift) option in Submit Express.

Note: This layout looks the same as the layout for side-by-side copies 2–up with finished page size letter. See Poster-sized document printed 1–up, portrait orientation for an illustration of the layout.

InfoPrint Manager and Submit Express values for legal-sized document printed 2–up, portrait

Option Value
Finished page (document) size 8.5 x 14 inches
Form size (Untrimmed page size: width and length) 17 x 14 inches or larger
Media size (in InfoPrint Manager) 17 x 14 inches or larger
Layout Side-by-side copies 2–up
Form definition blank
PDF orientation Portrait
Postscript orientation Portrait