Tasks for using the XML to AFP transform

The sample xml2afp configuration file is provided in /usr/lpp/psf/xml2afp/xml2afp.cfg. These items are set in the file and can be modified:

  1. The default location of the AFP fonts.
  2. The default paper size.
Additionally, defaults for all the xml2afp options can be set in the configuration file.

The syntax of the configuration file is exactly the same as the command line syntax with these additional rules:

  1. Blank lines are ignored.
  2. All data on a line after a pound sign is ignored. The pound sign can occur anywhere on a line.
  3. To include a pound sign in parameter data, it must be escaped; that is, it must be preceded by a backwards slash.
  4. White space before and after parameter data is removed.
  5. Parameter data on successive lines is concatenated with a single space between them.
  6. Parameters can span lines as long as they follow rules 1 through 5.