Enabling Interrupt Message Report

Follow this procedure to enable a printer to produce Interrupt Message Reports:
  1. Open the InfoPrint Manager Administration GUI.
  2. Right-click on the printer that you want to enable and select Properties. The properties notebook will open for that printer.
  3. Select Auxiliary/Separator Sheets.
  4. Click Yes next to Interrupt message report enabled.
    • Make sure that Interrupt Message Pages is enabled so that you are able to generate the Interrupt Message Report. For more information, see Enabling Interrupt Message Pages.
  5. To use a form definition that is different than the default, enter the name of the definition in the Interrupt message report form definition entry field.

Interrupt Message Report has a default message report form definition that is already assigned and is designed to print on all paper sizes. This form definition is named F1PIRM1 and has these default settings:

  • Greyed- out background overlay
  • Bottom page overlay section with the text “INTERRUPT MESSAGE REPORT”