Running InfoPrint Manager with SELinux set in enforcing mode

When you print using CUPS DSS, with SELinux in enforcing mode on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux, you must create and install a SELinux policy module:
  1. Install checkpolicy and policycoreutils rpm files if not already installed:
    yum install checkpolicy policycoreutils
  2. Generate SELinux policy module:
    cd /tmp
    cp /usr/lpp/pd/selinux/ipmcups.te /tmp
    /usr/bin/checkmodule -M -m -o ipmcups.mod ipmcups.te
    /usr/bin/semodule_package -o ipmcups.pp -m ipmcups.mod
  3. Install the new SELinux policy module:
    semodule -i ipmcups.pp
  4. Remove temporary files:
    rm -f ipmcups.pp ipmcups.mod ipmcups.te