Submitting color e-mail attributes through a file

You can print a color e-mail job with a batch file that contains these:
  • Job name
  • E-mail body text
  • E-mail to address
  • E-mail from address

Here is the sample file:

-x job-name="Titleist"
-x job-ripped-by-server=false 
-x subject-text="testing"     
-x document-type=email-body
-f d:\bsi\data\body.txt
-x document-format=pdf
-x document-type=printable 

To submit this job to the InfoPrint server, specify this on a command line:

c:\Infoprint\pdpr -p email -Z d:\bsi\options\em_rip.txt  \
where em_rip.txt is the -Z file above.

Sending fax documents as email attachments via email DSS

Email DSS accepts fax jobs. If job attribute fax-number is set at job submission, InfoPrint Manager forwards the fax document as an email attachment to a recipient with the email-to-address composed by as fax-number@fax-to-email-domain from the fax-number and fax-to-email attribute values. For more information about sending fax documents as email attachments, see RICOH InfoPrint Manager: Reference.