Printing from the command line

You can submit a halftone calibration from the command line with the pdpr command:
pdpr -p sip20-sage -x halftone=ibm106lpi:highlight-midtones
where the -x value is the customized calibration file and is the file to be printed.
Note: When submitting a pdpr command from the command line, you can specify the halftone attribute. The actual halftone name for this example (ibm106lpi:highlight-midtones) can be found either by using the InfoPrint Manager Administration Interface to look up the halftones supported for the actual destination, or you can enter this at the command line:
pdls -cp -r halftones-supported ActualDestinationName

Using single cell halftones, available only for InfoPrint 4100 printer models, can improve the print out image quality, especially when printing small sized objects (images, line art or text).

You use the single-cell-type actual destination attribute to specify the single cell halftone for the printer. You specify either elliptical or euclidian as the value for single-cell type. You set the object threshold size with one of these document attributes: image-small-threshold, line-small-threshold, or text-small threshold.

You can submit a job requesting a single cell threshold for image, line art, or text from the command line by using one of these variations of the pdpr command:

pdpr -p sip20-sage -x image-small-threshold=0.5i
pdpr -p sip20-sage -x line-small-threshold=0.5i
pdpr -p sip20-sage -x text-small-threshold=72p

For more details about the supported values for the single-cell-type actual destination attribute and the image-small-threshold, line-small-threshold and text-small-threshold document attributes, see RICOH InfoPrint Manager: Reference.