The -o flag

The AIX print commands use these flag to pass information to InfoPrint:

Is the information to be passed to InfoPrint. You can specify as many keyword-value pairs in the AIX print command as you like, provided that each of them starts with the -o flag.
Note: You can specify other flags associated with the AIX print commands or with the lprafp command, for example, the -N flag (number of copies) of the enq and qprt commands. Some of these flags are equivalent to the -o values you can specify with the AIX print commands.

For information about the other flags for the enq, lp, and qprt commands, see the appropriate man page or AIX Commands Reference.

For information about the other flags for the lprafp command, see lprafp command: submits remote jobs in InfoPrint Manager for AIX or InfoPrint Manager for Linux.