Configuration supported by InfoPrint Manager

InfoPrint Manager supports a high availability cascading configuration without a fallback procedure. This configuration contains at least two nodes: a primary node that provides all critical services to end users, and a secondary or backup node that either sits idle or provides non-critical services. No InfoPrint Manager processes, such as running either the InfoPrint Manager Administration GUI or the InfoPrint Manager Operations GUI, should be performed on the secondary node. When the primary node fails, the secondary node takes over critical services. InfoPrint Manager has hard coded file systems, which would over-mount any existing and operating file systems on the secondary node during a failover.

Because the resource configuration is cascading, the data center staff can schedule the interruption for high availability re-integration (returning all critical services to the primary node) after the failure has been fixed. Cascade mode means that upon failure of the primary node, the resources (such as applications, disks, and the network address) are acquired by the secondary node.

This configuration allows you to shift from a single-system environment to an high availability cluster.