Installing InfoPrint Submit Express on a macOS system

This section contains information that you need to install InfoPrint Submit Express.

To install the InfoPrint Submit Express clients:

  1. Log in to the macOS system.
  2. Insert the RICOH InfoPrint Manager: Common Clients DVD-ROM into your drive.
  3. Copy the installer package for the version of the InfoPrint Submit Express client you want to install to a temporary location. For example: /tmp.
  4. To install the InfoPrint Submit Express client, double-click the ipr-submit-express- package to launch the installer.
  5. Follow the instructions provided in the installer to finish the installation.
  6. Remove the DVD-ROM.

Note: If you cannot install InfoPrint Submit Express on your macOS system, copy the directory containing the InfoPrint Submit Express feature directory from the Common Client DVD-ROM to your hard drive and install the program from there.