Checking printer status

To check the status of a printer, go to the Spotlight icon, search for ipmprinters, and open the application. A list of all the InfoPrint Manager destinations used by the InfoPrint Select printers is displayed.

The InfoPrint Manager Printers dialog displays information about all the InfoPrint Manager destinations used by the InfoPrint Select printers, including the names of all the printers assigned to the logical printer, the printer type (logical or physical), whether the printer is enabled or disabled, current status (for example, printing or needs attention), problem messages (optional), SNMP information, and backup printers. The default is to not display problem messages. To display problem messages, go to the View Menu pull-down and select Show problem messages. Note that problem messages might not appear in your language.

Note: Depending on the CUPS printer configuration, the same InfoPrint Manager destination can be displayed multiple times.

The Enabled and Status columns reflect the current state of actual and logical destinations that could be used to process the job. If there is a backup printer defined for your printer, it will be listed in the Backup Printer column. A backup printer is a backup actual destination. To add a backup actual destination, your administrator can set the backup-destinations attribute for the printer that you want to backup. See the InfoPrint Manager Reference for more information.